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requirement definition

Often undervalued, the requirement definition step is critical to ultimately finding your optimal real estate solution. We have honed our listening and questioning to tease out the difference-making details.

Conduct search

We think outside the box to ensure all potential opportunities are covered and then scour the market for all opportunities that fit the requirement.


Deals are more than just about cost. We put our knowledge and experience to work negotiating a full suite of terms in order to ensure the optimal fit for your business.

Execute /

Utilizing our broad network, we connect you with attorneys, architects, and general contractors that help turn your vision into reality. 


Are you a business looking to relocate, renegotiate, or expand?





our process

Fowler Property Advisors offers top-notch commercial real estate services for areas in the greater Charlotte metro, including Ballantyne, Pineville, Blakeney, Fort Mill, Rock Hill, Steele Creek, SouthEnd, SouthPark, Cotswold, Dilworth, Elizabeth, Plaza Midwood, Wesley Heights, NoDa/Villa Heights, Oakhurst/MoRa, Uptown, University, Lake Norman, and more. Our commercial real estate services include commercial tenant representation, investor representation, and sale/leasebacks. Keep reading to learn more.

Define Objectives

Whether they are related to price, time, asset type and location, or credit quality, we listen to you to ensure we understand your goals and objectives.


We maximize market exposure or candidate generation through national databases, local/regional networks, signage, and marketing flyers.


We uncover and produce candidates through our participation in multiple national databases as well as local/regional networks.

Investor Representation

Are you considering acquiring your next property or selling an existing property?




our process

Interested in deferring capital gains associated with a property sale? Let us help you find a replacement property and guide you through the process via a 1031 exchange.  We can walk you through the benefits and risks and connect you with a qualified intermediary that can facilitate the process.

capital gains & 1031 exchanges


Sale-leasebacks can be great ways for property owners to free-up capital while retaining long-term control of the property through a lease (typically, 10+ years). This can present a win/win for both the owner/occupier and real estate investor in today's market.  

   The owner/occupier benefits by converting its equity in the property (a relatively illiquid asset) into cash (a liquid asset). Having additional cash on-hand allows the owner/occupier to reinvest it into other areas of the business or to consider an expansion that it previously could not afford.
   The lease-back of the property allows the owner/occupier to maintain control and use the property for its business. Typical lease term is 10+ years with options to renew the lease for additional term.